Hymn to the Godhead

Song to the Godhead

Father of mercy,
Author of life;
Lord of creation,
Refuge in strife;
Broken your heart
From Adam’s dark sin;
Determined in passion
To bring us back in.

Jesus our brother
Sent from the throne
Revealing the Father,
Calling us home.
Offering your utmost
To break the dark curse;
To raise us to heaven
And show us our worth.

Sweet Holy Spirit
Come open our eyes;
Bind us together,
Break off the lies.
You are our Comfort,
The Spirit of Truth
Lift us, adopt us
And make us anew.

Don Stephens

4 thoughts on “Hymn to the Godhead”

  1. I didn’t know that you are a poet too. It is wonderful. I also have some songs, but I am writing on croatian. I hope that we will finaly make some music when you come back to Sarajevo.


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