I’m no preacher…

Today I’m told the Romanian church celebrates Pentecost, and after a week in a classroom of young students ranging from orphans and illiterates to journalists and university students here in Targu Mures, (almost sounds like the original disciples!), I’ve been handed the opportunity to “preach” in a nearby Pentecostal church.   Preaching isn’t something I’m especially good at, but I’m excited to see what Abba has in store.  Some of the young people in this church have been students in the past, so this could be a good chance to encourage them and underscore the role of the Holy Spirit in building His Kingdom .

Tomorrow we’ll start with fresh group of students in Medias, a small town in the center of the country.  My friend Zak James, from my home church in Florence, South Carolina, is with me for three weeks, and he’s been a handy helper and encouragement along the way.  Thanks for whatever prayers you can spare.

One thought on “I’m no preacher…”

  1. Don, We love to pray for you,’cause you are so open and honest about what is going on and always express surprise about how Abba uses you !!My life Sunday had turned too busy for me to check the blog for particulars, but I pray daily for you and several others who are on mission fields especially asking for God’s blessing for the worship experience, so I guess that was somewhat ‘covered. Leaving for Indiana tomorrow to attend a grandaughter’s wedding. We are in the 90’s, but research on the internet just told me it will be in mid 70’s for the 3 days we are there. That will be wonderful !!! Love and smiles and prayers always, Janet


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