Grace Quiz

1. True / False:  Jesus came into the world to make bad people good.

2. True / False:  A good definition of a Christian is, “A sinner saved by grace.”

3. True / False:  It is easier for a Christian to sin than to do what is righteous.

4. True / False:  The Holy Spirit convicts believers of sin.

5. True / False:  A Christian can fall from grace.

6. True / False:  We practice righteousness by doing good works.

7. True / False:  The Law is indispensable in the life of a Believer.

8. True / False:  The New Testament equates freedom from sin with freedom from the Law.

9. True / False:  The Father loves me as much as He loves Jesus.

10.  True / False:  Before Christ came people were dependent on blood sacrifices to take away their sin.

11. True / False:  It is important for Christians to be ‘’mindful of the flesh.”

12.  How many acts of righteousness have you committed today?

13. True / False:  When a Christian sins, he loses favor with God.

14. True / False:  The goal of the Christian life is to stop sinning.

15. True / False: In order to walk in the Spirit we must first stop sinning.

16. True / False:  We must walk in a balance between law and grace.

17. True / False:  Grace is an important part of the Christian life.

18. True / False: If a person sins and dies before confessing his sin, his eternal salvation is in peril.

19.  True / False: I am as Righteous as Jesus Christ.

20. True / False:  It is easier for a Christian to sin than to be righteous.


3 thoughts on “Grace Quiz”

    1. Hey David! Thanks for the note! You’ll find the answers to the grace quiz just under the quiz itself. I labeled it “Grace Quiz Insights” instead of answers because it’s more about the nuances and insights surrounding the questions than a simple “yes” or “no” of the “answers.”

      Let me know what you think.


    2. David! I’m so embarrassed that I never responded to your question about answers for the grace quiz. I’ve been really negligent about the site, but I had no idea your question was still hanging all this time. On the drop-down menu you’ll see “Grace Quiz Insights”. These are the answers to the quiz. Interestingly, although I put this quiz together, I just got one of the questions wrong. I’m convinced we ALL need a grace refresher course on a regular basis!


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