Class Notes

These .pdf files can be saved, printed, or opened in iBooks or Kindle readers.  To open in iBooks or Kindle, save the file to your device, then right click on the icon and “open in” either of the two formats.

Worldview and the Kingdom: This contains the highlights of what I teach in class.  If you’re a current DTS student, or attending a Seminar, I recommend you download these notes as a companion to our class times.

Circle of Glory: This will eventually go into the Worldview and Kingdom Syllabus above.  But for now, you can see it here.

Understanding the Law:  This is a list of scriptures showing the Law’s place in the new covenant.  Without a proper understanding of the law, we will never be able to understand grace.

Gnosticism – An Overview: These are my class notes not included in the syllabus.


Supplemental Reading:

  • Every serious Believer needs to know the name Margaret Sanger, the mother of Planned Parenthood and the abortion-on-demand industry.  These seven shocking quotes by Sanger reveal the true nature of Planned Parenthood’s agenda.  Sanger’s influence has wiped out about one third of the current generation of American young people.


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