Nick Vojicic – a giant of a man.

Haven’t been able to pull up any original inspiration today. So let me recommend a dose from Nick Vojicic. He’s got a Croatian name, an Aussie heritage, and a kingdom story. People like this leave me shaking my head at the wisdom and grace of God.

Click this link:

4 thoughts on “Nick Vojicic – a giant of a man.”

  1. I’d seen Nick once on TV, but it was showing him as a motivational speaker, not as a believer, so I didn’t know he was a Christian. What a wonderful, hopeful thing to discover about him. Thanks.


  2. I’d never heard of Nick before until this weekend. All I can say is I was so very impressed with this man’s attitude, his spiritial faith and his uplifting belief that NOTHING is impossible. I look at myself, then at him and say, who am I to complain? He is truely inspirational. Thanks Nick.


  3. I like your comment Jim. Who am I to complain? His life story really makes me think that I am so very blessed. I have no right to complain. I should be thankful to God for everything that I have in life. If I am down, I should still praise Him evermore.


  4. Really amazing to see the video of nick& i just realize myself to succeed or failure in life is d thought process of d human mind not d physical strenght thanks nick u just inspire me,..God bless u.


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