The kingdom is a verb

The kingdom of God is more like a verb than a noun.  It says “Go!” “Preach!” “Heal!” “Pray!” “Love!”  The kingdom is not about real estate, but real life.   It’s proactive, creative, dynamic, and visionary, and the only way we’ll see it is by engaging in it.  The kingdom isn’t a rest home, but a revolution – a movement of love, heroism, service, and sacrifice.  “… from the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of heaven has been forcing its way in, and men of force take it.  (Matt. 11:12)   

One of the great noble themes of the kingdom is that our lives DO matter.  While other kingdoms lull the children of Adam into fatalism, nirvana, and welfare wards, the kingdom thrusts us into significance, action and adventure. Nike’s “Just do it” rings true to the human heart because it’s an idea that belongs to the Kingdom.  “If you know these things, you’ll be blessed if you do them.”  (John 14:17) 

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