Let’s pray for Iran

Iranian RevolutionLet’s pray for Iran.  The events unfolding among the brave people of that nation have the potential to be as history-shaping as the dismantling of the Berlin Wall in 1989.  My Persian friends have been telling me for years how the common people of Iran detest the death-hold of the Mullahs.  This could be the time of their liberation, and we don’t want to miss the opportunity to stand with them in our prayers.

The kingdom of God means setting at liberty those who are oppressed, (Luke 4:18), and each time we pray “thy kingdom come” we would do well to remember our friends who are suffering under the yoke of religious bondage.

4 thoughts on “Let’s pray for Iran”

  1. Don, My heart began to stand w/the people of Iran the minute the news began to come in, especially for the mother,father and sister of the prescious expat Persian my son was so briefly married to. According to her they had always stayed out of politics, but surely it is a scarey time for them and for their daughter who lives here.How God’s heart must ache for this whole sin-sick world of His. It is a marvel to be a part of a world-wide, continuous prayer meeting.A blessing I could never have imagined for myself at this stage of my life !!Love -prayers-and smiles for you my friend,Janet


  2. Hey Don, That is a great comparision of the Wall and Iran, it also reminds me of when I was in Bosnia in Oct. 2000 when the comentaries said the oppression was lifted off of gee, Turkey or was it Hurgary after 10 years…It is always good to see Gods’ victory triumph over countries on such a large scale, I will pray for Iran. By the way, I just noticed your poem, are you putting it to music? Awesome!!! Be blessed!!!


  3. Ok, I just remembered, the oppression was lifted off of Yugoslavia when I was there….wow, long time ago, I had forgotten.
    I am enjoying your updates and your perspective, thank you for your con tinued imput which is a blessing to us all.


  4. thanks Don & others our friends in the world
    we continue this way to end even with our bloods.
    your messages in internet & tv for us in iran are very very effective to our hope to continue this fighting.
    long live freedom


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