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“There are three types of people: Those who see, those who see when shown, and those who do not see.” -Leonardo da Vinci.

Since my discovery of the kingdom I’ve embarked on a quest of learning to see. Years ago the Holy Spirit interrupted my Southward drive on I-95 to say, “Son, if your world has become narrower as a Christian, then you haven’t received the Kingdom, but only empty religion.” BAM! I stood naked before the Almighty! And perhaps that’s why I’m such a Kingdom geek today. My eyes were opened to the fact that the whole world is full of Glory and that those things that reflect the Kingdom best also move my heart most deeply.

So if you’ll indulge me once more, I’ve been wanting to tell you an experience from a few years back. I was pedaling away on a stationery bike at the gym. The TV in front of me was airing a restaurant makeover show. It might help to know I seldom watch TV, and a restaurant makeover show is not something I’d normally choose to watch if I did. But it happened to be playing, and I happened to be pedaling in front of the tube.

As the last segment began, and the formerly third class restaurant reopened to the “oohs” and “ahs” of patrons delighted by the inviting decor, upgraded menu, and warm professional staff, I realized with amused embarrassment that I had tears forming in my eyes. (THAT, my friends, is pure geek!)

So I checked in with the Holy Spirit, the One who told me my world had become cramped. “What the heck is happening here, Lord?” “It’s the Kingdom, Son. Don’t you know that Your Father is the Great Makeover Artist, and what you’re seeing in this little restaurant is but a tiny glimpse of our plans for the whole world?”

Why do makeover shows rock TV ratings? Because our Father is the great Makeover Artist, and our hearts yearn to see His works. In the Kingdom, every restaurant, every home, every community, and every heart receives a badly needed makeover.

Addendum: Just after writing this I ran across several photos of urban decay in Detroit. What a gloomy example of the “anti-kingdom”, the “city of man” in desperate need of a makeover.

12 thoughts on “Eyes to see”

  1. Don, I recently experienced a “flash revelation” on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. As I was driving over it with my twin grandchildren the Spirit spoke to me, and I shared it with my teens. There are so many people traveling through life unwilling to trust God to keep them safe and cared for because they cannot see Him, but look at all the cars of people trusting unknown people who designed, built, and continue to repair this huge bridge to keep them and their loved ones safe as they travel over it. When I got home and heard that someone had been pushed over the bridge into the bay the very day that we were on it I thanked the Lord who holds the whole world in His hands that the woman was kept safe by Him and for our own safety.


    1. Thanks Debi! Great insight into faith! I think we all need to be delivered from thinking the Bridge of Jesus alone may not be quite strong enough without the addition of our little toothpick supports!


  2. Interesting…just came in from reading the Word and the verse that I wrote down to roll around in my mind for the rest of the day was Proverbs 20:12 –

    Ears that hear and eyes that see—
    the Lord has made them both.


  3. The Word tells us that “we see now as through a dark glass but one day we shall see him face to face and behold his glory.” God’s creation on earth is only a poor reflection of what awaits us in heaven, and yet we need only look around to see the beauty of His handiwork. One of my favorite Bible verses comes to my mind as I travel and enjoy the scenery along the way: “The heavens declare the glory of God, and the firmament His handiwork.” If we ask the Holy Spirit to show us the Father’s artistry and life lessons in the people, events, and thngs around us, He will! Just as every work of art reveals the heart of the artist, if we look closely – with our Father’s eyes, as Amy Grant sings it, WE WILL SEE THE KINGDOM EVERYWHERE!


  4. Thanks fr that Don!
    It reminds me how I felt during one of your teaching sessions, when I saw all the different fruit shapes, clolours and tastes, and I felt like a child that delights on what his Father creates. The diversity… That is who He is…


    1. Ran! I get encouraged every time I think of you! Your response to the Kingdom was what I wish everyone’s response ought to be. May the Holy Spirit continue to illuminate your journey. I’d love to hear some of the things he is teaching YOU!


  5. Dear Don.It’s been a long time since I was fascinated by your teaching in my DTS in Budapest but I never forgot about it! And as I read now through your blog it all comes back to me.
    I like to watch shows like that but more to do things like it myself. To bring beauty into a usual or even uninviting place is an amazing thing to try and see how it comes out! Thanks for writing about it! I never seen this attitude of mine as something God put into my heart… Be blessed, Esther


    1. Esther! So good to “see” you after all these years! Yours was one of those special schools I’ll never forget. As the years roll by I find the Kingdom continues to connect so many of my dreams and desires. I’m happy to hear the same experience with you, and happier still that you’re living a creative, Kingdom lifestyle. Whether they know it or not, our friends and neighbors are longing for the reign of Christ. And we have the great joy of helping them discover the One who is underneath it all. God bless you!


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