The seeds of Auschwitz…

Almost two weeks down the road I’m still thinking about Auschwitz and what led up to the gas chambers of Birkenau.  Ideas have consequences.  They are the cultural seeds that grow into movements which either build or destroy the civilizations of the world.  The seed-ideas of Democracy, the Reformation and the Enlightenment quite naturally gave us the Modern world just as surely as the seeds of Darwin led to the Holocaust.

The evolutionists have been teaching us for 150 years that human beings have no special value.  Evolved from nothingness into a quivering mass of organs and blood, we’re merely animals of the highest order.  And among the children of primates are some, (in the case of Nazi Germany it was the Aryans), who are more highly evolved that others.  Nazism at its root was a demonic device to speed evolution along by exterminating the inferior races.  What could be more logical or more inevitable?   Hitler was a great fan of Darwin.

The horrifying thing, of course, is that those same ideas are fueling another holocaust of terrifying proportions: to date, over fifty million unborn children, (one third of an entire generation), have been aborted in America alone.

Genesis confers mankind with honor, dignity and purpose while evolution strips away human value until we’re left on equal footing with the animals.  Auschwitz was a wake up call for me: It’s time we in the church learn better to counter the ideologies of death with the simple, articulate Truth that leads to life.

6 thoughts on “The seeds of Auschwitz…”

  1. Yes, but it is more important that we LIVE IT !!! Didn’t St.Francis say ‘preach the gospel at all times- when necessary, use words. ? I think the only thing that gets the attetion of this world is folks who are strangely happy yet clearly aware of all the pain and suffering.And I believe the youth you are firing up w/Gods plans are going to do this !! Love and prayers,Janet


  2. Living it can get someones attention, but “faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” Romans 10:17. “How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” 10:14. Living it is not enough. Only through hearing can someone believe. How can someone believe when they have no hope? and how can one have hope when they believe a human is no different from an animal? We have to be ready to answer these questions or they will not hear no matter how much we live it.


  3. Is it posible to separate those two things; to preach Gospel and to live Gospel. Can we preach Gospel without living it and can we live Gospel without preaching it ?
    If we decide to give ourselves to God ,than we must give Him everything what we have, not just a tongue.

    Pax Christi


  4. I think living the gospel (living in a place of daily peace and joy in Jesus as we serve Him faithfully wherever He has called us) will eventually cause people to ask questions about the source of our peace and joy. Then we can tell them when they ask us where the source of joy and peace comes from…Jesus Christ!

    We are called to both PROCLAIM and DEMONSTRATE the gospel of the kingdom every day in every place as we follow Jesus.

    Don, I am always encouraged and challenged by your posts and the great comments from the folks who frequent your blog. The Lord be with you.


  5. Everyone-Being a small part of this ongoing conversation gets so exciting I get positively ‘giddy’. 12 years ago at a missions conference this ,now 80 year old lady was so blown away by hearing what God was up to, that my hearts cry was “I wish I could be young and get into this action !” In a few years time God fulfilled that wish by bringing to my attention various mission enterprises on the ‘cutting edge’, so to speak.Now as a sit at my computer and keep up w/the action I lift praises to God for what he is using others to do. And,Don, Shadowlands lets us sharpen our wits w/one another. Now is this God GOOD ,or what !!!?


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