Travel, fear and hope.

Just a very quick note to mention that I’m on my way to Central Europe, and hope to update from there soon.   I’ll be teaching in Hungary, Romania, Macedonia, Hawaii, and Colorado in the next six weeks, and would appreciate prayers for effective communication, the freshness of the Kingdom message, and of course for all the issues of travel.

Hopefully this trip will be a respite for my spirit, which has been so heavy these past weeks.  There’s an unnamed fear that ambushes me daily in regard to America, and it’s been a constant battle to maintain hope in the midst of the “fundamental changes” in our freedoms, alliances, and national security.

Still… my confidence is in the promise of God’s Kingdom, and the Truth of His Word.   When everything else unravels at the seams, His promise and His Word remain.

4 thoughts on “Travel, fear and hope.”

  1. Don,
    Many years ago, when I was in a fearful place, I had a vision of myself on one side of a river churning with waves of turmoil. Jesus was on the other side, quietly reminding me, “Keep your eyes on Me, and I’ll bring you through this.” May your heart be filled with the same peace now that He gave me then and continues to give us all, if we fix our eyes on Him.
    We’re praying for you…


  2. Don, praying for your travels…May the Lord use you to set hearts ablaze with a passion to see His kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.


  3. Guess I should update and say I never made it to Europe. My flight got canceled just hours before I was to leave. They refunded my ticket and advised I wait until the volcano stops, and then try to rebook. So I may be teaching this week via Skype!! I’ll need a special dispensation of grace for that!


  4. Don, where in Romania are you coming? I live in Bucharest. Let me know. We met 10 yrs ago in Sarajevo. I was there with my DTS team from Budapest, remeber?


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