Truth and passion

There’s no internet access at Nazim’s place, where I’m staying. And that means I have to dash off these quick updates at La Hacienda, a smoky Mexican restaurant in the old quarter of Sarajevo. With distractions coming and going like television commercials, it’s not exactly the sort of place you’d choose to do some creative writing.

I was thinking the other day how truth gives birth to passion. Any non-musician will quickly tire of plunking around on an untuned piano. But tune the instrument and teach him a few laws of harmony and the passion of music will thrill him for a lifetime.

It’s the same with the Kingdom. For years my heart was dull and two-dimensional. The uninspiring fragments of life left me cold and listless until the curtains of the kingdom parted and Truth began to take root in my soul. From that moment on, nothing has been the same.

Pray that I’ll be able to point these dear people to the truth of the Kingdom. I’m convinced it is the only sure thing that can resurrect God-given passion and hope in the Balkan people.

2 thoughts on “Truth and passion”

  1. Don,
    You have a poet’s heart and passion! If you continue to court Truth from the depths of your being, you will see your life continually transformed by it! Someone once told me, “If you get on fire for Jesus, the whole world will come running to watch you burn!”
    May our lives daily reflect the flames of His holy fire!


  2. Agreed… the truth does culminate in passion. It seems that people can also be extremely zealous for a lie. It seems then that the question to be asked is why one person might thirst passionately for Living Water and another passionately enjoys trifles and trinkets. I always enjoy your blog.


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