Gaining momentum like a freight train…

Just a short note to say I returned safely to Sarajevo yesterday morning. It was a stunning two weeks of ministry with the most amazing students.

Every time I teach the Kingdom message it seems to gain momentum. Students are more engaged and more eager than ever to be discover that life really was meant to be an adventure. This week David, a bear-sized former gang member sat in the front seat of the room and protested daily at the end of class, “NO! We want to hear more!” It makes me laugh to see the way God has written the Kingdom story into our hearts like silent strings awaiting the musician. I’m convinced the church stands on the brink of a reformation bigger than anything we’ve seen in history. We’re all just getting hungrier and more desperate by the day as the world seems to fall apart around us.

The Macedonian school had three former drug addicts, including one who trusted Jesus only six months ago in a jail cell. Radical disciples they are, who had lost control and lost the will to live now excited to step into the story that brings hope and healing to the world.

David, Marshall & Clay. The fellowship of the King.

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