Jumping up and down on our brains

I’ve had some encouraging conversations the past few days. I needed them, as I’ve been distressed by what feels like a hard place in the minds of so many friends. What’s the deal with us humans that we can want change so badly, and yet dig our feet in at the smallest suggestion that maybe our ideas need to be changed? Stanley Jones says we should take our brains out every so often and jump up and down on them just to keep them from calcifying.

Ideas are like seeds: they always produce predictable results. If you want tomatoes instead of beans, then you simply exchange the bean seeds you’ve been planting for the past generation and plant tomato seeds instead. Presto! Good and true ideas ALWAYS produce good results. And ideas that have no basis in truth ALWAYS produce death, poverty, joblessness, and despair. Whoever we are, whether American, European, or Bosnian, it’s a good exercise to investigate our ideas to see if they’re producing the results we’re wanting. And if they’re not, it’s time to consider a change. I’ve encouraged today because I see a few friends asking the right questions about their ideas.

One thought on “Jumping up and down on our brains”

  1. Someone has defined INSANITY as the practice of doing the same things over and over but expecting different results. WELL, DUH…Stanley Jones is soooo right; I’ve had to stomp on my brain so many times I’m wearing the tread off my shoes. I thank God that He’s led me into so many adventures in the 32 years I’ve known Him that the only similarity I find in all those situations is MY FATHER’S VOICE! If I’m doing the same things today that I was doing in 1976 when I gave my life to Christ, then something wrong. Our Creator is a God of infinite variety and possibility; if we seek His face, believe His Word, and follow His lead, we will never step into the same river twice and our hearts and heads and lives will be enlarged as nothing on earth can accomplish. This is part of what it means to walk in the Spirit and not fulfill the lusts of the flesh because our human nature will keep us tethered when God wants us to SOAR!


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