Shock Therapy

Are we getting it yet?  Because if we don’t, this nightmare can get exponentially worse.  Two possibilities compete for the future of the human race: godless totalitarianism, or the Kingdom of God.  We cannot return to where we were.  We cannot go back to our failed nationalisms and idolatries.  We are experiencing shock therapy, and with very good reason.   Even our churches have missed it by miles, and that is a huge part of this crisis.

Everything around us is being shaken “so that those things which cannot be shaken will remain.”  (Hebrews 12:27).  God’s purpose on planet earth is not to install a livable “global order”, or to “build back better”.  And it certainly isn’t to establish world peace through godless human effort and mutually assured destruction.  Globalism is doomed before it leaves the gate because it is but one more futile brainchild of fallen humanity.  Neither Mark Zuckerberg, George Soros, Anthony Fauci nor Davos can save us.   


  • “Politics will save us”  NO!  ZAP!!  A thousand times no! 
  • “Clever science will save us!”  WRONG again!  Zzzzt! 
  • “Religion will save us and take us to heaven”.  BOOM!  Zzzt!  Jesus is not a lifeboat for a doomed planet, He is the Redeemer of all things!
  • Globalism will save us!”  Zzzt!  Zzzzzt!  Not a chance!
  • “Vaccines will save us!”  BOOM!  ZAP!  No! NO!  
  • “Critical theory, gender studies, ANTIFA, BLM and elections will save us!”   BAM!  Zzzt!  BOOM!  These shocks will stop the moment you forsake your delusion!          

There is ONE man and ONE plan that will save us!   The man, Jesus, and the only thing he ever called the “Good News”!  The Kingdom of God; the untested promise of the ages!    

We must turn to the Lord, and to the reality HE has spoken into existence, to HIS ways, HIS grace,  and HIS plan!  Let us choose HIS plan and see what glory will descend upon us; what beauty, abundance, order, compassion, and justice!  To continue on our present road will only invite more shock to our fragile lives.  “Here is the most radical idea ever presented to the mind of man. It means nothing less than replacing man’s order with God’s order.”   – H.G. Wells

14 thoughts on “Shock Therapy”

  1. You nailed it, Don. I am on the frontlines with all of the above at the college where I teach. I am speaking out as I can, and have the freedom to do so, yet at higher (state) levels decisions are being made that are not for the good of the people. As Kingdom ambassadors we must follow His orders and make a difference where He has placed us, but ultimately the victory comes from Him.

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  2. Thanks, Barb! I’m so happy to know you’re still manning your place in higher education. AND that you get the Kingdom! Religion more and more seems to get in the way. Only the Gospel of the Kingdom has the power to take a snowplow through this terrain.


  3. Thanks, Don. Excellent again. I’ve come to expect it. I hope I never take you for granted.

    You know you preach to the choir with me. I wish everyone who attends any church anywhere would grasp your point that religion is not the answer. The Kingdom of God, now and forever, is the only answer as you proclaim. So many miss the “now” of it.

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  4. Wow, this is just nonsense…you do realize that you are trying to do the same thing that you are speaking out against…right?!? Oh well…I guess fundamentalism is still alive and well…

    Where do we find details of this “One Man’s Plan?” Do we take your understanding of it to be right? How can you claim the other ideologies are “godless”? By what standard do you test that?

    A lot of holes here…


    1. Hey Ted! Thanks for checking in and offering your thoughts. I absolutely could be wrong. The best any of us can do is confidence; never certainty.

      As far as Fundamentalism goes, I’m not in that camp, though I used to be. Fundamental statements are not the answer.

      “Where do we find the details of this One man’s plan?” In the life and teachings of Jesus. His message to the world was the Kingdom of God, and he spoke about it more than any other topic. (This is where the church misses it. The church preaches forgiveness and heaven. Jesus did not. He pointed over and over to the Kingdom).

      “Do we take your understanding of it to be right?” Absolutely not! Trusting in me would be a catastrophic mistake. Search it out for yourself.

      “How can you claim the other ideologies are godless”? If you look closely the examples I mention you’ll see that every one of them places ultimate hope in something other than God: Politics (political power), Science (limited naturalistic understanding), Religion (rule-keeping), Globalism (a ruling class of elites), Vaccines (so-called, but contested science), Critical Theory etc. (naturalistic philosophies).

      “By what standard do I test these thing?” Reality. In the course of history, have any of these ideologies produced a better, more peaceful, compassionate and just world?

      I’m happy to engage further with you if you’re honestly interested. If we’re both open to learning, (I definitely am), then there’s much to be learned. Shalom in your search!


  5. I am blessed to be part of a church body that actively strives to spread the work and teachings of Jesus in our small community. In spite of a fire that destroyed our church in August, we continue to meet elsewhere, engage the community in Christian activities, and minister to those who don’t know the Good News. Having just finished two separate Bible studies on Genesis and Revelation, God’s plan becomes ever more clear, as well as the fact that today’s world seems to have no interest in that plan, to our peril. Thank you, Don, for the encouragement we need in these dark days of confusing and false teachings.


    1. God bless you, Sharon! It’s alway good to hear from those who “get it.” To neglect, or reject the Kingdom is always to our great “peril”. May you and your sweet fellowship continue to lift up the beauty of Jesus and his glorious Kingdom in those in your community.


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