Truth and the battle for the Kingdom

The Kingdom is Truth, total Truth permeating every facet of God’s creation from relationships and government to economics and environment.  When the King identifies himself as “Truth” (John 14:6), you can be sure His Kingdom will reflect the flawless reality of His original intention in all of our living, loving, working, playing, and laughing.

Lucifer, the World-Hater, has only one real weapon in his arsenal of destruction, and that is the simple, yet effective strategy of deception.  Daily He disseminates lies like dandelion seeds, which in turn poison everything they touch:  Lies about neighbors contaminate communities.  Lies about government sabotage our freedoms.  Lies about morality breed slavery and destruction.   Lies about health metastasize into cancer and disease.

Recently God has been teaching me to pray for the Spirit of Truth to expose lies and to stir up an appetite for Truth in the church and in the nations.  Picture how effectively wars can be turned when the enemy’s plans have been laid bare.  It’s a non-partisan prayer, really.  Whether the lies are liberal or conservative, yours or mine, church lies, media lies, or Hollywood lies, they all must be rooted out before the Kingdom will emerge with great glory.

An additional bonus to this kind of prayer is the transformation of the way I read the headlines.  Instead of daily discouragement, I take heart when one more instance of corruption, infidelity and greed has been exposed to the naked light of Truth.  Imagine with me what God might do if His people banded together in asking that – come what may – the Enemy’s hidden agenda would be exposed like cockroaches to daylight for all to see.

6 thoughts on “Truth and the battle for the Kingdom”

  1. Amen to that, brother. We definitely need to have the lies not just exposed, but also recognized as lies. So I think I’ll add to my prayer that people will have eyes to see and minds to understand. Because I’m sometimes amazed at how often someone can look at something evil and see it as being acceptable, because their understanding is so darkened. But it is absolutely a time when we all need to be in prayer.


    1. Thanks fro the encouragement Cynthia! Just downloaded the sample of Waltzing Australia from Amazon and thoroughly enjoyed the first several pages. I like your writing style. Currently I’m in the “middle” of four other books with a whole stack waiting to be read, so it might be a bit before I can get in with both feet. But I’ll let you know! Happy to be praying alongside.


  2. Hello don, this is the first time I’ve been on your blog. thanks for the encouraging words and message that ‘everything does matter.’ this week and year and month has been difficult for me as I sit with alcoholics and people who struggle with addictions and they have lost all hope in God and their debilitating thoughts that ‘they really don’t matter to anyone’ stirs my heart for more of Jesus. Over and over I hear the stories of how lives are crushed, hearts are heavy, their minds beaten down, and souls are down trodden in despair I too am reminded that each person is precious in HIs sight. I long and my heart aches for them that the hope and joy that I have experienced from Christ’s grace splashing on my face and life will also be theirs. I have experienced the invigorating dose of love, peace and joy for my soul and now I wish that for so many that I sit across from each day. It is painful to watch and see the potential spiral without hope in a Savior. But I take heart that as I sit with each individual that the Spirit of Christ that raised Jesus from the dead is present and actively working through me in some mysterious way. I trust that I am now in a place to give hope and grace to others like the grace that has been given so freely to me.. thanks for your inspiration and exposing the darkness wit the Truth. I love ya man!!


    1. Stacey! Thanks for the note. Grace is the key to everything, isn’t it!? E. Stanley Jones coined a word this morning: “copossible”. He says some things are not “copossible” in the Kingdom. Legalistic religion is not copossible with freedom, life, healing, or the Kingdom of God. I’m so glad you “get it”, and that Abba has placed you in a position to share it with those who are so broken and needy. It would be a joy to catch up one day.


  3. Hello Don.
    Craig and Wendi Niebruegge made me aware or your website and I am reading your thoughts with thanks to God for all He is and has done for us. AND, to know you are still seeking truth as He intended through His WORD. The journey of seeking HIM is satisfying and fulfilling and very difficult at times…
    I also find Les Miserables full of grace and forgiveness and beauty. As the priest examplified – to forgive even more than seemed necessary – is so like Jesus.
    Love in Him Who is full of grace and truth,
    Craig ‘s Mom,


    1. Shirley!

      I’m a bit late, but ever so grateful to hear from you. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and encouragement. It’s been a joy to connect with Craig again after all these years, and especially to know that he is fully facing Jesus these days. I’ve thought of you guys often through the years, and have maintained fond remembrances of your delightful heart and example of pressing on through the unexpected trials of life. I hope to catch up with the rest of the story some day! Blessings and grace!


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