God’s total answer for man’s total need

This morning as I prayed, “Lord… reveal your Kingdom for the world to see”, the Holy Spirit said, You reveal it”.  Clearly He is getting serious with me about my shameful neglect of this blog.

It’s August already, and here in America national elections are just three months away.  The media is sponsoring a devil’s buffet of campaign promises, accusations, propaganda and bias, and if you’re like me you just want some clarity about the reality behind the hype.  Don’t expect it from the world.  This is a time when believers need to pray for discernment and ask the Father to reveal the underlying reality behind the devil’s smoke and mirror show.

And it’s time to dig our heals into the message of the Kingdom.  Politics will never solve the world’s problems.*  Never.  This tired earth wasn’t designed to be administered by political power structures, but by a Servant King ruling in the hearts of His people.  (Matthew 20:25-26).  We do well to remember that in the words of E. Stanley Jones, “The Kingdom is God’s total answer to man’s total need”.

  • Is the problem lawlessness?  The Kingdom is the answer.
  • Is the problem poverty and unemployment?  The Kingdom is the answer.
  • Is the problem guilt, despair, mental illness, broken families, drug abuse, tyranny, or indolence?  The Kingdom is the answer.

If America is ever lost, the blame will rest firmly at the door of a church that has preached nearly everything except a clear message of the Kingdom.   These are the days of the “restoration of all things” (Acts 3:21), and it is up to God’s people to go public with the news: “God has a plan!  He is with us to redeem and to make all things new!  There is a better hope than the failed politics of the past”.   The Kingdom is the only hope big enough to sort out the mess we find ourselves in.


* It goes without saying that Kingdom people will be involved in the political process, even though our hope does not rest there.   To have a voice, and to make it known is a gift from God. 


10 thoughts on “God’s total answer for man’s total need”

    1. David! Thanks as always for the encouragement. I think you’re about due for an update, too! I’ve tried leaving comments at your blog several times, and I just can’t get them posted.


  1. WE are the salt of the earth. WE are the city set on a hill. If WE do not proclaim the Kingdom, who else will do it? The darkness grows deeper, evil abounds. There is no time or room for GRAY. We are either red hot and proclaiming Christ’s Kingdom BOLDLY or we are lukewarm and blending into the world. God’s Word tells us that He will vomit us out of His mouth if we are only lukewarm. Christianity is not a spectator sport. It’s the Olympics of heaven on earth, and I’ve not trained for 36 years to sit on the sidelines. I’m in it to win it, going for the gold! HOW ABOUT YOU?


    1. Kay! Thanks for the note and encouragement. It’s always good to hear from you. I remember with fondness our little adventures together in Kona and Bosnia. You and Charlie look good!


  2. Way to go my brother. I concur.How to move on getting out the Kingdom message that this world does not wish to hear?


    1. Thanks for the note, Norm. Good question. I actually think the world would be much more amenable to the message of the Kingdom than the message centered on heaven and hell that we often present.


  3. RON PAUL is the only qualified candidate. That is why he is being so hidden from the spot light …… check out his honesty, truth and experience. Great message Don. Curious to know your political view?


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