Missing pieces: freedom, truth, and education.

I’m stunned by the “fundamental changes” that have transpired in America in only a few short weeks since we began looking at  government and the Kingdom of God.  It’s for you to decide what to make of it all, but I encourage you to review the relationship between civil government and self government before asking yourself, “Have we stepped forward into fresh freedoms and responsibility, or deeper into the path of slavery and increased government control?”

Since Truth is the defender of freedom, and education is the guardian of Truth, this is probably a good time to ask what the sphere of education might look like in a Kingdom context.  Jesus told us in John 8:31-32 that if we would continue in His word, we would “know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” It’s no accident that God’s plan to deliver the Israelites out of slavery to the Egyptians involved both the exodus into the wilderness and the giving of His law on Mt Sinai.  And then He charged them,  “Study this Book of the Law continually.  Meditate on it day and night so that you will faithfully do everything written. Only then will you prosper and succeed.” (Joshua 1:8)

Truth is the foundation for prosperity and success.  All success.   Whether it’s music, mining, mentoring, or mathematics, the degree to which we honor truth will determine the success or failure of the operation.  It’s like the two trees below.  Imagine the tree on the left is watered with kerosene and fertilized with salt.  That’s not a “true” environment for a tree, and the result is certain death.  But the second tree grows in an environment of truth, watered by the rain, and fertilized with compost and nitrogen.   Truth invariably produces life, and anything short of truth results in death and decay.

God has not left us wondering about truth, but has  revealed it plainly in His word, His world, and His Son. And though Truth is intended to be the focus of education, it has sadly been relegated to secondary status behind information, opinion, and power.   We’ll pursue some of the problems and possibilities next post.

On a personal note, I went to see Alice in Wonderland last night and caught myself spontaneously cheering at some of the Kingdom moments.  (I just can’t help it.  Kingdom Truth makes me happy.) “Sometimes, (Alice said), I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” All Truth is God’s truth, even in Wonderland.

2 thoughts on “Missing pieces: freedom, truth, and education.”

  1. Don- Still being fed by what you post on the blog. Something I had not realized until we came back from the mission field for good, was that the folks who serve in the legislative part of government continue to receive their salaries and many other perks and such after they leave office.Don’t thin that was what the founding fathers had in mind and it surely takes a lot of money out of the budget. BUT How do you get that changed ? Beyond me ! Love and smiles-Janet


  2. Don,
    As a Christian and an educator for more than 30 years, my foundational task and principal purpose has always been to train the hearts of my students, as well as their minds. In the public arena of my classroom or the privacy of my own home, there is only one Truth, and that is God’s Truth. The goal of all true education is Kingdom awareness, and there is inexpressible joy in watching one’s students awaken to the reality of the Kingdom all around them, as one awakens from a long slumber. I used to be offended by those who called me a dreamer who lived in Wonderland; now I count it a compliment. Like Alice, I will believe impossible things before breakfast, and like the Word I will “call those things that be not as though they are.” Then I will watch and pray, inviting others to watch with me. We’ll wait in wonder, and then we will SEE…


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