The State of creation Address

Last week we were treated to the president’s State of the Union Address before live television and a joint session of Congress.  Donald Trump brought us up to speed on the progress we’ve made in areas of economy, employment, defense, border security, and foreign relations.  And he reminded us of the work that still needs to be done, calling all Americans to unite for the common good of the nation.

I wonder if maybe we could use a “State of the Creation Address.”  Of course Jesus – our Servant King – would be the one to deliver this important speech.  He might tell us about the progress we’ve made in feeding the poor and lifting them out of their poverty (1), of the innovation and creativity of the human race, of the progress we have made in healthcare and medical research, and of the growing peace and stability among the nations. (2)  Yes!  All these things are true!  He might mention that life expectancy and freedom are on the rise across the world, and that faithful missionaries are pushing deeper and deeper into the most unreached places on our planet, translating scriptures and planting churches of happily redeemed people. 

But then he would certainly remind us that much is yet to be done: that vast populations struggle under oppressive belief systems, that human trafficking still flourishes and millions of unborn babies are being murdered every year in their mother’s wombs while divorce, greed and crime deface his beloved people.  He might lament our political hostilities, or the plague of ignorance that stubbornly holds many in bondage.  And I’m pretty sure He would remind us that we truly are our brother’s keeper and that there are dozens of broken people within walking distance who still haven’t heard the good news of His glorious reign!  

In the end, I feel sure our compassionate King would remind us that He still loves his world, and has delightful plans for it’s redemption.  “For as truly as I live”, (He might say), “my glory WILL fill the earth as the waters cover the sea.  So let us redouble our efforts to see the work finished.  With prayer and faithfulness we CAN do this together because I am with you even to the end of the age.”

10 thoughts on “The State of creation Address”

  1. Whenever I get discouraged at how much more needs to be done (the enemy shouting your losing the war), the Lord reminds of what already has been accomplished (the war has already been won). Thanks for your encouraging reminder Don.

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    1. Thanks, Bonnie! I know exactly what you’re talking about. Seems like there’s nothing but disturbing news out there, including from many Christians. With such of flood of nay-saying I sometimes need to write and remind myself what the Scriptures tell us just to keep my own moral up.


  2. AMEN Well said, Don. I had an appointment with the cancer surgeon at the hospital today. In the left breast was a 2.2ccm less than one inch on biopsy now egg shaped and invasive ductal cancer, high grade and angry looking along with enlarged lymph. Hormone therapy wont touch this one. I get a port put in on Monday for 15 weeks of Chemo. followed by PET/CT bone scan to see if it has spread to other places. I get an MRI and possible surgery later. I will keep you posted. I am trusting and praying one day at a time.



    1. Linda… Thanks for including me. I’m so sorry to hear about this, but am honored to trust God with you as you face the battle. God is able to do all things through Christ Jesus. Please do keep me posted.


  3. “…there are dozens of broken people within walking distance who still haven’t heard the good news of His glorious reign! ” This thought especially grabbed me. Thanks for sharing your wisdom bro!

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  4. I heard this and was stunned. “How do we retink redemption?” wow. secularist discussing redemption.These are not Christian theologians. But made me think of you and sharing the gospel, mirroring Christ to the world and the world is asking the question how do I redeem myself? You don’t but let me share Jesus with you. May you be successful in your mission “how people can redeem themsleves when something is found out about their past?””   Blessings, Mercey Grace and Peace in Christ alf


  5. Wow! What an interesting discussion. Thanks, Alf! There seem to be people who think we can reject Jesus and still hold onto all that He is: truth, redemption, beauty, sanity…. I don’t think that’s realistic. Jesus is the source of all these things and so much more. When we reject the source, there’s no sense crying about the loss of substance. This is why Jesus, (and not politics, philosophy, false religions, or anything else), is our only hope. And it’s why we Believers must learn to present Him in all his beauty and glory. Thanks for making me think, buddy!


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