A prayer in the making…

For the past four months I’ve been piecing together a daily prayer to distill the intercession in my heart.   It’s in a state of perpetual refinement, but even so it helps me to stay focused on the primary burdens I carry every day.

Holy Father,

Let the beauty of Your character captivate our hearts
As your glad Kingdom is extended throughout the earth.
Send revival and reformation to the nations.
Raise up your glorious church,
And lay bare the enemy’s schemes of darkness.

Jesus Christ, I am Yours.
Save me to the roots of my being.
Change me where I need changed.
Strengthen me where I need strength.
And break me where I need to be broken.

All my sins, I send to the cross.
All my shame, I send to the cross.
All condemnation, I send to the cross.
And all of my hope I place in the risen Christ.

Work in me Your tender love towards all people;
Instruct me in wisdom, understanding, and insight,
And grace me to receive my inheritance in Jesus.

Teach me, Father, to be a faithful son.
Teach me, Jesus, to be a faithful friend.
And teach me, Holy Spirit, to be a faithful disciple.

Open my eyes to your Kingdom in all its goodness, truth, and beauty.
Give me grace to preach it with power,
To seek it with passion,
To serve it with honor,
And when the time comes, to suffer for it with joy.

For Your glory alone.

8 thoughts on “A prayer in the making…”

  1. Don,Another song you need to set to music !! I think I finally have my internet connection healed. Was done by a lovely young lady who actually ‘crowed’ w/delight when she hooked one of her tech boxes to my computer and saw all the mess that was causing my problems. My nephews-Aaron & Joel are doing better,because they have become integrated into the family w/ their DAd and step-mom. We don”t hear much from them at present, but we are sure Abba is at work.Love and smiles and prayers,Janet


  2. Thanks for posting this wonderful distillation of a heart responsive to the grace of God and passionate for the glory of God!


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