Missing pieces: God’s design for government

If God’s Kingdom began to influence human government, what would it look like?   There was a time not long ago when I would have been utterly clueless about that question.  The church wasn’t teaching it, and certainly Christian bookstores weren’t overrun with titles on the subject.  Yet government is a huge part of life, and God did not leave us in the dark.   So we’ll begin this short study with a look at the ideal, and then move on to the practical.  (Since we’re still living in a fallen world, we need to examine how to influence our fallen, imperfect government with the perfect government of God).

The first two things about kingdom government is that it begins with God, (not man), and it governs not from the halls of power, but from the hearts of servants.  Unless we firmly grasp the humility of God’s government we will become a stumbling block to our neighbors as we champion politics over love and relationship.  It’s difficult to point to a loving God and a selfless Kingdom in the heat of a political debate.

This is the government of the Kingdom:  “I will put my laws in their heart, and write them on their mind.” (Hebrews 10:16)

And what is the law?  “To love God with all your heart, and to love your neighbor as yourself” Matt. 22:38-40

Imagine a world, or even just a community where that simple law was universally honored.  Where would be the need for policemen, judges, prisons, divorce courts, and the Better Business Bureau?  Obviously we’re talking about the ideal.  But here’s the thing: Even though this simple “self-government” of love may never  fully blossom in our present world, to the degree that it does, it will influence everything around us, including the government we do have.   The more citizens are yielded to the love of God, the smaller the need will be for a large civil government with its laws and regulations.  That’s where we’ll start in the next post.

5 thoughts on “Missing pieces: God’s design for government”

  1. Don- Have you heard of the tiny African nation Burundi ? Even before the ethnic violence started in Rwanda they were having the same thing in their country. Now they have a christian president and according to the recent edition of World Vision magazine they are beginning a program for sponsors of children in that country. Check it out on their Web site. This has been in preparation for some time and they had the people they hoped to serve tell them what they needed.For several years Paul and I have sponsored- the latest a boy in Honduras and a girl in Mauritania. Hope you are w/your Mom and hunkered down, ’cause what has kept us prisoner is headed your way . We’ve had our fill. Love and smiles Janet


  2. I heard someone say that from a purely human vantage point, history is the story of man’s inability to govern himself over a sustained period of time. Thanks for the reminder that history is in fact His Story, and that the ideal of a world filled with love, peace, and joy…the world we all really long for…begins in our own hearts from within as we respond to the invitation of His message to live life the way He intended it…loving God and loving our neighbor.


  3. Don- thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us. I have a question regarding the curse God put on the land, is/are the lands still under this curse until Jesus returns? I’m thinking that the new testament teaches that there is still a time of renewing or recreation of the world when Jesus returns in final judgment and brings forth the new heavens and new earth. what are your thoughts on these themes?


  4. Hi Don, nice to see places where you are mentioning prisons. My husband and I have been praying for God to bring into the light what is hidden in darkness in prisons. I also have asked for His vision of what prisons should be. He has given us some answers. I think I told you I am married to someone in prison. I am working on a book about it. Love you.


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