Finding my voice

VoiceIn case you haven’t noticed, I’ve been pretty silent both here and on Facebook for several months now.  But I think I’ve found my voice again.  I realized today that it’s an old tactic of the enemy to silence the people of God.  They crucified Jesus, beat Paul, imprisoned Peter, and sent the early Believers to the lions all because of the inconvenient and unacceptable things they had to say. And then there’s me. Like the weenie-warriors in Saul’s army it took only a few taunts from a perceived Goliath to intimidate me into retreat.

The irony first hit me when I was in Romania and Lebanon last month.  I suddenly felt a greater release to speak freely in these two former Soviet and Middle Eastern countries than I do here at home.  It was the beginning of a wake-up call.  Freedom is a spiritual thing that lies at the heart of the Trinity, and it’s a defining characteristic of the Kingdom.  While Jesus hushed his enemies with a simple word of Truth, Satan employs threats, fear and brute force to silence those who oppose him.  The suppressors of free speech are enemies to God.

One of my commitments at the beginning of this year was to renounce the false god of Political Correctness.  PC is an idol that demands absolute obedience.  It tolerates no other God, shuts down opposing voices, and punishes it’s defectors with false charges, lost employment, scorn and social stigma.  Political correctness wars against the Kingdom of God by opposing truth.

Today I’m reclaiming my voice.  I will not be ugly or judgmental, but neither will I be bullied into silence.  “Political correctness does not legislate tolerance; it only organizes hatred.” – Jacques Barzun

15 thoughts on “Finding my voice”

  1. The weeds get thick really quickly in the United States. They look like flowers, but they are only weeds. Looks like you got your weed wacker back out. Keep it up.


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