Praying for the victims

Lets be praying for victims of the tsunami in Samoa, the earthquake in Indonesia, and now the typhoon in the Philippines.   If you’re like me, it’s easy to become passive to the growing litany of tragedies in the news and to just skip over to the next article of the day.  But these are priceless human beings with dreams and families and who bear the image of God.   Remember, too, that organizations like World Vision, Food for the Hungry and others are already on site and asking for help.

One thought on “Praying for the victims”

  1. Don- In my own walk to follow I am having to let Him make all things new. Especially my attitudes and expectations for how my life should go. Talk about ‘out of the comfort zone’ !! And yet when I considered an admonition given to me just last nite and what I should do w/it, I find myself freed from expectations.A person who has meant a lot to me since I moved to Countryside died this past week and when I tried to make my plans fit ‘busines as usual’ dimensions I was increasingly uneasy and frustrated. When I just let Him make all things-even my tendency to cling to my ‘plans for today ‘ new, I find myself filled w/quiet expectancy and a deep trust in what Abba has in store for me. After so many years of thinking I was trusting, it is an eye opener to find out just ‘what I was trusting in !!


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