The payoff

In the middle of staffing the DTS in Kona, Hawaii, I’ve taken a week off to teach in the Discipleship Training School in Colorado Springs. So this afternoon I’m looking out the window at snow flurries and enjoying a few days of brisk winter weather before I return to Kona in the morning.

The past few weeks have been full of delightful moments of watching young people learn to hear God’s voice, breaking free from fears and addictions, discovering grace, and embracing the adventure of the Kingdom. This week was summed up for me after class yesterday when eighteen year old Alex prayed “Father…. I’m so excited about your kingdom, I can’t even stand still!”

It was a special treat this week to discover that the students I had last fall had returned from their outreach just as I was arriving at the base. So I got to hear some great stories from their times in Cambodia, Thailand, India, Nepal and Morocco: of people who embraced Jesus, children who were clothed and cared for, and prostitutes who left the trade. This is the payoff I live for: seeing radical young disciples mobilized to change the world.

I’ve been negligent with this blog lately, but I’m going to try to do better –  even if it’s only a short few lines.  Thanks for dropping by.

3 thoughts on “The payoff”

  1. What a thrill it is to see young people walking out what they’ve learned of the Lord! Helping them deepen their walk with Him is one of the greatest privileges in life. Though a staggering responsibility, it brings forth eternal rewards. How blessed we are to teach!

    I’m glad you’re getting the chance to enjoy both Kona and Colorado Springs this winter. While I love the endless shades of green in Kona, I also love to “enter into the treasures of the snow” here in Wisconsin. I’m enjoying our recent seven inches with my grandchildren today. Nothing makes for better winter memories than flying down a hill on a cardboard sled for a few hours, unless it’s the hot chocolate and popcorn afterward. And a sleepover’s even grander! While children are a gift from the Lord, grandchildren are a double blessing!

    You’re in our prayers…


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