Generation K

They’ve been called “Busters”, “Boomlets”, “Gen Xers”, and “Mosaics”, but I’ve officially dubbed this amazing demographic of young people “Generation K,” the “Kingdom Generation.”  The generation who introduced us to Attention Deficit Disorder hasn’t the ability toignore their unsatisfied heart-longings.

My Generation missed it.  We faithfully sowed a half-gospel of forgiveness and reaped a church prepared for heaven but hopelessly detached from the rest of life.  Forgiveness without the kingdom left behind a heritage of decaying inner cities, broken families, staggering debt, bulging prisons, and broken communities.

These “Gen K” students will no longer settle for a half gospel.  It requires both the cross and the kingdom to answer the longings in our hearts as well as the staggering challenges of our culture.  One young Scandinavian student came up after class and said “I want to thank you for showing me that European Socialism is not the answer.  The real answer is the Kingdom of God.”  When Generation K turns its Attention Deficit eyes upon Jesus and sets it’s hope on the Kingdom there’s no telling what beauty and hope might lie ahead.

2 thoughts on “Generation K”

  1. Hi Don,
    You always have such inspiring comments on things one wouldn’t even think about…Getting ready to read “The Shack,” what did you feel was most inspiring about it?


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