Barak and me

So much is happening, I’m afraid It’s gonna take a series of short entries over the next few days to catch up with myself.

This week I’m teaching in the Discipleship Training School in Kona, Hawaii.  My better judgment tells me to resist the temptation of annoying you with the details of the this little chunk of paradise.  There really is a glory here that’s unique in all the world, and I’m feeling privileged that God has brought me back to a place that’s been such a seedbed of reformation and change in my life.

Since I last wrote I’ve made peace with the elections: I’ll be a good sport, pray for our new leaders, and put my trust in God.  It came as a revelation to me just now that Barak Obama and I are in exactly the same boat:  We’re both in need of humility, wisdom and the fear of God.  If I can be as patient with him as I am with myself, I’ll be on solid footing with our next president.

Stay tuned…

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