Natural therapy and the coming reign

I’m pretty sure the high point of today will be a walk in the woods I just enjoyed with my friend, Ronnie.  Our conversation moved noticeably from preoccupation with the size of our problems to wonderment at the size of a tree.  Once again the beauty of God’s creation has been therapy to my heart.

I’m back in Maryland at my Mom’s house enjoying a few days of relaxation.  It’s been a daily challenge not to get all bogged down in the daily doses of politics being served up by the media.  As a Kingdom person I’m fascinated by all the ideas and dialogue, but I have to keep reminding myself that America, (wonderful as it is), is a fallen kingdom at best, temporal and steeped in materialism, pride, and the love of money.  It’s not the real kingdom that will smash all the others to smithereens.  (Daniel 2:35)  Any hope grounded in America itself rather than in the eternal reign of the King is both misplaced and empty.

Of course that’s not easy for me.  As someone who has grown up under the shade of American security, it’s quite alarming to see our foundations beginning to crack at breakneck speed.  And a leisurely walk through the woods can be a sweet reminder of the mustard seed kingdom that’s growing under our feet.

One thought on “Natural therapy and the coming reign”

  1. Don, Glad you are having time w/family. Yes all this craziness can depress- but I think it is an indication of people praying for this country as never before. God is at work in all this mess to help them perceive how unsatisfying what the world thinks is real ie actually hollow and fake. Remember the lesson in THE SHACK We are to be verbs- not nouns. So be expectant and responsive to all God can do w/what we may perceieve as unredeemable !!!. Tricia Croxton writes that folks in Kershaw are reading that book !!Did you know Bruce Olson- Brushko has a new book out ? I just read it.Do let me know if or whenever you get to North Carolina. Seeing you again is on my Greed list. Even those who seek to walk close to Jesus have our greeds,you know Love prayers and Hugs,Janet


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