Leaving Sarajevo

I just received a note from a dear friend who asked if I’m about to pull out of Sarajevo.  I guess I haven’t been too clear about that, but I actually will be pulling up my stakes on Wednesday, day after tomorrow.

This move has been a long time coming.   And I’m not too clear about where it will lead.  What I know for now is that God spoke to me awhile back that I was to move on from Sarajevo.   This will no longer be my primary address, though I DO feel I’ll continue to play a role here in Bosnia, and will most likely be traveling in and out for years to come.  There’s just too much “home” here to leave completely, and besides that I feel in some ways that I’m just getting to the place where I can be effective.

The next few months are shaping up with travel and teaching in various YWAM bases in Europe and the US.  There’s a real expectancy in my spirit about the coming adventure of having to trust God “on the road.”  This weekend I’ll be celebrating the marriage of my nephew (Doug) in Pennsylvania, followed by a short visit with my Mom and family in Maryland.  After that, Budapest, Colorado Springs, and Kona Hawaii.

As always I value the prayers of all of you who keep up with me via this blog.  There are so many unanswered questions that have me standing on tiptoe.  The kingdom is such a vast place, and the opportunities are staggering.  Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “Leaving Sarajevo”

  1. What to say… I am very sad becouse you leaving us, but I am happy too because wherever you go you will bring spirit of real Word of God, without hidden intentions and without judgemental views so presented among many of us christians. I hope that you will not forget Sarajevo. Some people here disapointed you, but I know that many others including me love you and respect you so much. God bless you on your future mission destinations. You’ll stay in my thoughts and prayers. I’ll miss you my friend.


  2. Glad to have that cleared up. What a blast you’ll have and to think we’ll get to be a part of it and hear about it thru your blog.!! Have a wonderful family time. Herbert Croxton and wife Cornelia are coming to see me tomorrow. I’ve had one wonderful trip to Kershaw last month. Maybe your travels will bring you to NC and we can see each other. God is doing stuff here and people are beginning to open to what He’s wanting to do for them. Change is hard !!-Love-Hugs-smiles AND PRAYERS 111


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