Living the “Christian life”

Something about the idea of “living the Christian life” puts me off.  Conjuring up visions of checklists and performance charts, it leaves me thinking “Oh dear.  I don’t know if I can pull that off.”   

But enjoying a relationship with Jesus is another thing altogether, kinda like the difference between “being a good husband” and “being in love with your wife.”  One follows the other, but to frame the thing in terms of “being a good husband” seems to miss the point altogether.  

I’ve never been particularly successful at “living the Christian life.”  It wears me out and leaves me choking for air.  But walking with Jesus has proven to be a constant adventure of discovery and shared joys, bumps, foibles, lessons and laughter. And I don’t remember Him ever sitting me down for a good chat about “living the Christian life.” 

For those who have been wondering, the outreach to DC was powerful and intense.  We partnered with Justice House of Prayer and  YWAM DC, interceding in various locations over such issues as justice, compassion, the sanctity of life, government, and the strongholds at work within our nations capitol.  It was a rare treat to partner with young people who are committed to praying until the mountains of injustice are moved. 

Silent prayer watch at the Supreme Court at Midnight.

Midnight prayer watch at the Supreme Court.


2 thoughts on “Living the “Christian life””

  1. Hey, Don. Your post today reminds me of something I heard in a recent sermon. The pastor pointed out the verse I Timothy 6:19
    particularly the part that says, “take hold of the life that is truly life”. Can’t say I really hear too many people talk about “living the Christian life”, but I can sure tell you I want to live the life that is truly life which is only lived in Him.
    Hope all is well. Any idea yet what you will be doing next?


  2. Hi,

    Do you know Jim Ehrman from YWAM (a little while way)? He’s teaching my class on missions theology right now.

    Thanks for this post. A life of rule, is hardly much of a life at all.

    I welcome you to visit my site
    I would deeply appreciate your comments on my posts. thanks.


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