Off on a mission

Tomorrow after church a group of five of us are heading up the road to DC for a four day prayer outreach.  The guys, (high school students, Zak, Josh, and Kyle), along with Avie and I have been preparing for the past two months for this mission.  We’ve been asking the Lord about scriptures and prayer targets, and our intention is to pray at the Capital, the Supreme Court, the Pentagon, the Holocaust Museum, and National Cathedral.  It’s all very exciting.  I’m stoked about sharing this experience with these young spiritual warriors.  Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Off on a mission”

  1. Do you believe that every person(not just the young or a single person with no children) should have kingdom eyes. Do you believe a single mother should want to go on an adventure and be involve in furthering god’s kingdom? Please e-mail me back.


  2. Don,
    I’d like to reply to JC’s comment on whether a single mom “should have kingdom eyes” and “want to go on an adventure”. The answer is YES, YES YES!! As you well know,Don, I’ve done that – with my daughter and now my grandchildren – and I’m not done yet. God SOOOO blessed Zahida and me when we went to Kona, Okinawa, and the Philippines in ’94, back to Kona for a year in ’95-96, and again in ’97-’98. I regret NONE of the sacrifice (or “surprises”) involved because the KINGDOM BLESSINGS ARE STILL BEING COUNTED!
    I would say to JC, ASK GOD WHAT HE WANTS YOU TO DO, THEN DO IT! You’ll never be sorry. BE BOLD, BE BRAVE, AND BE INVOLVED! The prize is always worth the price because GOD IS FAITHFUL!


  3. JC… don’t know how to Email you back. I agree with Jane. God uses every kind of person. (I remember an 84 year old widow I met in Kona who was on her way to teach English and share Jesus in a Communist country.

    But I would also add that an “adventure” may not necessarily be a cross-cultural mission adventure. God calls some to that, and others are called to engage the kingdom in their everyday workplace. The thing is… if we understand the kingdom, the element of adventure is always present.


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