Biblical monikers

With common names like James, John, and Joshua, people in Bible times were often distinguished by their Father, their passion, or a prominent character trait.   

  • Joshua, the “Son of Nun” 
  • Barnabas, the “Son of Encouragement.”  (Imagine what a great friend this guy would be!) 
  • James and John, the “Sons of Thunder” (Drama, anyone?)
  • Judas, the “Son of Perdition.”  (Damnation)
  • Jesus, the Son of God.  (A definite conversation starter in first century Jerusalem.)
Then there were the “Sons of the Kingdom,” (Matthew 13:38).   Can’t say I’ve ever heard anyone referred to in such terms.  But I think I’d like that.  Maybe when people thought of us, they’d remember the kingdom, and think, “Ah yes… the kingdom!  What a sublime and glorious idea, and what a worthy and beautiful King.” 

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