My brother’s keeper

I went fourteen years once without crying. After the first decade of tearlessness it bothered me to the point that I began asking God to tenderize my heart.

Yesterday, after nine years in Sarajevo I said goodbye to dear friends, angels and rascals who became brothers and sisters, sons and daughters. I’m no longer tearless. Somewhere over the Atlantic I my put on my headphones, randomly chose a song by Rich Mullins, and found my heart dripping down my cheeks.

Now the plummer’s got a drip in his spigot
The mechanic’s got a clank in his car
And the preacher’s thinking thoughts that are wicked
And the lover’s got a lonely heart
My friends ain’t the way I wish they were
They are just the way they are.

And I will be my brother’s keeper
Not the one who judges him
I won’t despise him for his weakness
I won’t regard him for his strength
I won’t take away his freedom
I will help him learn to stand
And I will, I will be my brother’s keeper

I’m missing them today… children, now grown into men, and men who are now standing before Jesus; friends who stood, and some who fell. They’ve enriched my life in ways only my heart can understand. I wish I could tally what I’ve left behind in Bosnia. There’s only One who can do that.  But I do know that Bosnia has left something deep and rich in me. My tears tell me so.

2 thoughts on “My brother’s keeper”

  1. Hey Don I Finaly found your website! What to say, don’t be sad every step brings new hope and oportunity. You are good and honest person wherever you go, you will bring smiles and trust to the peoples hearts like you did here in Sarajevo. I know that!
    ps. I was listening cd which you gave to me at wednesday, and discovered how brilliant musician you are, I hope next time when I meet you we will spend more time talking about music 🙂
    your in Christ


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