God’s natural elixir

For all practical purposes the Garden of the Gods was a lost memory, a curiously-named spot vaguely lodged in my childhood recollection. But driving into the park this past Thursday the memory tumbled forward into full consciousness, that very spot where my dad pulled over so we boys could scamper up the base of the magnificent stone pillars. It left me spellbound as a nine year old kid, and it’s just as awesome today. God’s glorious creation was just the right elixir to refresh my soul from so much travel and change. “Love beauty,” said Gabriella Mistrel, “it is the shadow of God on the universe.”

God’s glory, (His invisible character made visible), refreshes us wherever it’s found. It washes our hearts with wonder, and cures our weary souls. How kind of the Father to offer such a respite.


Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

One thought on “God’s natural elixir”

  1. I’m always encouraged that “lovely” is one of the whatsoever things we are instructed to contemplate. Because the world is, as God noted, “good.” I also love the part of C.S. Lewis’s “The Weight of Glory” where he talks about wanting to not just see beauty but to be absorbed into it — and that desire was, in Lewis’s opinion, an indication of what lies ahead for us in glory.

    But for the present time, how delightful that your spirit could be refreshed by so glorious a sight.


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