Worldview and the Coronavirus

Worldviews inevitably go astray when they depart from the middle way of truth: Materialists are half correct when they say the world is material. But it is more! Spiritualists are half correct when they say the world is spiritual. But it is not only spiritual. The world is a glorious mix of both spiritual and material. That is the truth and the natural order of creation.

As we followers of Jesus approach the coronavirus we stand in need of recognizing the middle way. Already I am hearing some friends say reckless things like, “I’m not concerned. God will protect me.” God does protect us. But that is only half of the truth. The other half is that God has given us an understanding of how viruses are spread, and we need to honor the natural component of the sickness as well.

One friend mentioned that it’s not “unbelief” to wash up, avoid crowds, and take precautions any more than it’s “unbelief” for a Christian surgeon to scrub-up and wear a mask for surgery. No one wants to be operated on by a surgeon who simply “trusts in the Lord” to keep infection away.

A Biblical worldview honors both the spiritual and the natural. Foolishness sees only one end of the equation. The Old Testament is full of laws about social distancing from lepers, avoiding unclean foods, and practicing proper sanitation. These are legitimate injunctions regarding the natural world. But at the same time, we are admonished to trust in the Lord with all our hearts. That is the spiritual end, and both sides are important. As we plot our way through the challenge of coronavirus I encourage you to keep social distance inasmuch as you are able and to practice good hygiene. But I also encourage you to trust in God. Do not be afraid! God’s Word is full of promises about these sorts of situations.

As you distance yourself and take wise precautions capitalize on the time to memorize Psalm 91, and the many other promises God has given to us. And don’t fall into the foolishness of half-truths! We are in this situation with God at our side.

8 thoughts on “Worldview and the Coronavirus”

  1. Phew! What a great word in this challenging time! I, too, hear folks on both “sides” and do a bit of cringing. Thank you for succinctly telling the truth and helping us know how to navigate with Jesus.


  2. Just saw this and thank you for it. Sorry it took me so long to read it. I think I was supposed to fly back around then and my flight got cancelled so everything got even crazier for me.

    You probably won’t be surprised to know that I detest the term “social distancing” that the government coined for what is “physical distancing.” I propose that as Christians, we should not be “social distancing” for we really should be writing letters or emails or calling friends and family and those in need, and thus not be creating social distance. We should be socially connecting (but remaining physically distant) during these time.

    I know, it’s just a “word” pet peeve, but something about that term when I first heard it just grated on my spirit. Perhaps it seemed too George Orwellian….not sure what it was, but figured you’d smile at my disturbance regarding that term.

    Smiles to you amigo!


  3. Hey Tabatha! Please forgive me for taking so long to get back to you. But thanks for the great insights. There’s a lot about this Coronavirus situation, (including the term “social distancing”), that reminds me of Orwell. I reckon that’s all the more reason to engage in Kingdom activity. We can rage against the darkness all we want, or we can light a candle.

    Blessings, my friend!


  4. Thank you. These truths are in the Bible for sure. I have been praying that I will not worry so much and put my trust in the Lord. Your comments have cemented that for me!


    1. Thank you, Carolyn! I’m so glad your heart is encouraged. For those who know the Lord, the future is glorious. There may be troubles and even persecution along the way, but His presence is promised, and that makes all the difference!


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