A personal update

It occurs to me that some of my friends and readers may wonder from time to time what I’ve been up to.  Teaching in YWAM, (Youth With a Mission), is a joy that offers a nearly endless stream of new settings and delightful young students who are eager to change the world.   Making disciples is my call, and the Kingdom of God is my message.

Most recently I’ve been in Herrnhut Germany, Tyler Texas, and Hisar Bulgaria where I facilitated training for our national staff workers and then spoke at a conference organized by YWAM.   We had Bulgarians, Romanians, Greeks, Norwegians, Swiss, Roma, and American missionaries, pastors and professionals in attendance; passionate servants who are embedded in the culture, loving, praying, training, and making disciples.  As I stood before that small conference crowd I had the distinct feeling that this Kingdom message would be like a mustard seed that would grow and spread change across the entire nation of Bulgaria.

Whenever I can, I take friends and former students along with me on these travels for the fellowship, the discipleship, and the intention of training them to carry the Kingdom message to places I’ll never see.   Their company is always a special treat.

But teaching is just a part of my schedule.  People around home,  (Maryland), have always known me as a musician, and in the past few months God has been opening many doors to bring musical programs, worship times, and gospel encouragement to a number of churches and nursing homes in the area around home.

With my own Mother in a care facility, I recognize the power of music to connect people with Jesus and to encourage their hearts.  Last weekend I led worship for a ladies retreat in South Carolina on Saturday, for my home church on Sunday, and then did a musical/inspirational program for a local retirement community on Sunday afternoon.  These musical programs offer a chance for me to put into practice the insights God is teaching me about beauty, and it’s honored place in the Kingdom.

Tonight I’m writing from Lebanon, PA, where I’m teaching in a small Discipleship Training School.  Next week I’ll be with YWAM Charlotte doing the same.  And between now and the first of the year my schedule will take me to New Jersey, Virginia, Kentucky, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Hawaii, and West Virginia.  It’s a very busy season, but I feel so blessed to have a small part in this Kingdom story God is writing among the nations.

You have a part of it too, and it’s almost certainly more important than what you think it is.

6 thoughts on “A personal update”

  1. My goodness, I thought my schedule was busy. God bless you, I know you are reaching many. I hope that you can fit our parish in for a weekend soon
    Pastor Don has asked that I request this.


  2. Let me re-wind 30 years and join you. You are always missed big bro when you are gone. Yet, I am proud of you when you are gone and always glad to see you upon your return. So grateful of our heritage of a friendship. God blessed you with big shoulders. 😉 Ronnie


  3. Oh Don, what you are doing is just absolutely wonderful! You are reaching so many young people in so many places. I had no idea how far and to how many places your travels take you. You do so much good for so many people both young and old as you teach in the classroom sharing and spreading His Word and as you share your God given musical talents in long term care facilities. He is working through you in so many ways in so many places. You bring much happiness to so many. That has to be a wonderful feeling. You are blessed and you are a blessing! We will continue to pray for you and your ministry. Safe travels to you until we see you back here again where you are greatly missed. God bless you Don.


  4. Wow! Bob and I do know the extent of your ministry and how you show Jesus love to others. What is really amazing is how you still have time to be concerned about your Mom. I guess you know how you have become such a great part of the family at the nursing home. From my observation music seams to be one of the best therapies for the residents. They really love you and your music. Your gentle spirit shines through. Like you say it is GRACE! GRACE! GRACE! It is really so true it isn’t us it is Christ in us. We are to be like Him and you truly are like Him. I know you don’t take any credit and give all the credit to Jesus but if you didn’t make yourself available and weren’t obedient so many people would not be hearing the truth. Thank you Don for being you. Keep on Keeping on and know we pray for you always!


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