Jesus and facts

I’m thinking today about how totally comfortable Jesus is with facts. Too many sincere Christians become skittish in the face of science and scrutiny.  We fret and worry that if the right yarn is pulled it might be the one that unravels the whole sweater.  The Son of God is not some fragile gift shop curio that needs to be kept under glass.  And the sooner we see it, the better off we’ll be.

The great missionary to India, E. Stanley Jones, wrote that he made the happy discovery in that continent of inquirers that he could put his faith in front of the world and say, Here he is, brothers.  Break him if you can.”  The difference between Jones and many in the church today is that He did his homework; He asked the difficult questions, and discovered a case robust enough to stand up under the critics.

The carpenter of Nazareth built more than tables and chairs.  He fashioned the world of reality from the ground up, and has nothing to fear under investigation.  The one who rebuked the storm is not intimidated by the facts of his own universe.  He owns the facts!  He invented them!  “All things were created by him, and apart from him nothing was created that has been created.”  When the evidence is torn apart and examined under the microscope, the telescope, or the petri dish, he will be standing right there behind it with a knowing glimmer in his eye.

“He was there before any of it came into existence, and he holds it all together right up until this very moment.”   – Colossians 1:17 (Msg)

There’s nothing fragile about this Christ.  Though the world may cave in upon itself and the stars be sucked into a wormhole, He will remain towering above the ruins.   Let’s do our homework and invite the neighbors to present their best questions!

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  1. Always there to bolster my spirit Don! Thank you 🙂 I always need a reminder that God is in control, and His plans are far beyond mine. We should all have confidence in Him and His plan!

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