Stepping ashore

The kingdom is the only thing big enough and grand enough to fulfill every human longing.  Only the kingdom has the largesse to ceaselessly nurture the intellect, move the emotions, inspire the will, feed the creativity, and fuel the passion of the human race without giving way to routine, boredom, or burnout.   Because the Kingdom is a reflection of the infinite glories of King Jesus Himself, there will always be more to be had;  more beauties, more truth, more life and more of the adventure for which we have been created.  The Kingdom ceaselessly calls us forward with no horizon in sight.  I believe if I were to live to be a thousand, I would still have only inched across the shore of this New World we have inherited in Jesus, the King.

2 thoughts on “Stepping ashore”

  1. Wow. Yup. Amen. Uhuhn. Thank you. Have a hug. They are free and infinitely plentiful. I am using them up as fast as I can, but not making a dent. Plenty for you. Can you smell it? The Kingdom smells like Daddy, when your face is buried in his chest and you can’t stay awake because of the lubdub of His heart.


  2. Don, thanks for this gem of a declaration of the inexhaustible riches and incomprehensible glories of King Jesus! My heart is flooded anew with hope to seek and find and see this Reality all around me every day. Blessings always, Sean.


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