The importance of traveling companions

Thanks to all my friends who took the time to leave their thoughts regarding teachers and heroes.   Your insights nourished to my spirit and underscored again my need for good companions along the trails of the Kingdom.

In many ways this month in Sarajevo has been a real slugfest for me, having substantial encounters with hopelessness, depression, loneliness, and a host of other beasts.   It’s never been easy to live in this city, and without the structure of a team and the focus of specific projects I obviously walked into a vulnerable situation.  So you can imagine the sweetness of having this bit of interaction while Father teaches me to find deeper grace for such circumstances.

On a more positive note I’ve also had some wonderfully creative times with the Holy Spirit developing new materials on Grace and The Kingdom of God Through History. Abba seems to have used the struggles to deepen my understanding of both.  On Saturday I’ll leave for two weeks in Romania where I’ll have the opportunity to put it all to use.

2 thoughts on “The importance of traveling companions”

  1. I’ll be praying for you Don. These are transitional times for the planet and especially for believers. There are lots of unfriendlies, both human and non-human, and they are not being as careful about staying invisible as before. Blessings, Bette Cox


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