Beauty … and terror

Yesterday we took a brief excursion to the Terror Museum, a building in downtown Budapest that formerly housed the Secret Police during the occupying Nazis and the Communist years of Hungary’s history.  Story after story of betrayal, persecution, forced labor, deportation and execution led us through the gloomy halls of the edifice.  It is a truly shocking reminder of man’s capacity for cruelty and rebellion towards God.

Exiting the building into the tree-lined avenues of the city felt like a drowning man sucking in air.   Budapest is a city that could have been built around the theme of beauty:  Statues are strewn through parks and facades, trees and flowers are carefully set among the grand architecture of the Austrian-Hungarian empire while the beautiful Danube glides peacefully through the center.   It’s a dream-city of wonder and charm and contradiction.

How the same human race who created such a magical city can turn around and send its neighbors to death camps and torture chambers is a question that only the Biblical account of man can answer: Fashioned in majesty to reflect the glory of His Creator-King, mankind has fallen under a spell of darkness that perverts and corrupts everything he sees.  Man writes symphonies and sonnets.  And he gasses his neighbors in death camps.

The good news for Budapest is that her exiled King has returned.  Having entered our human darkness, He fought his way through the lies and deception and broke the evil spell of sin.   The kingdom He holds before us now would make the Austrian-Hungarian Empire look like a poor starving village.   Pray that the word will spread to the streets.

2 thoughts on “Beauty … and terror”

  1. The question is: which regime is good. Is there any king, president, or prime minister who is able to be good and honest servent of his people ? Unfortunatly, the answer is NO. My country survived Otoman empire ( 1463-1878 ), Austrian-Hungarian empire ( 1878-1914 ), Kingdom of Yugoslavia with Serbian king ( 1914-1941 ), Faschistic NDH ( 1941-1945 ), Tito’s comunistic Yugoslavia ( 1945-1991 ), Serbs, Croats, Muslims had three separated war-criminal regimes during war ( 1991(2)-1995 ) and now we have this puppet state with our criminal leaders… So where is state of justice ? Unfortunately, that kind of state doesn’t exist on this world. There is no law of justice on this world. It is not justice of Bosnian, Russian, Iranian, Cuban, French, Chinese, American… justice. Only justice of God is infalible and not corrupted.
    The law of this world resurrected our Lord too, but He said ” My kingdom doesn’t belong to this world. ” ( John 18,36 ).
    It doesn’t mean that we need to waste our human life and live in dream only about what will happend after our death. it means that we need to be patient and to understand that all rules and regimes of this world are limited and temporary. Kingdom of God is eternal and not limited by anything, but our life is also gift of God and He has a reason why He decide to give that life and that kind of life to us. We need to live our life with hope.


  2. Right on again, my friend! Someone has said that our life is God’s gift to us; what we do with it is our gift back to Him. This earth is not our home; heaven is. We are the King’s ambassadors, stopping at waystations on our journey Home. As you pointed out, there is no justice in this world because it belongs to our enemy, but the Just Judge of all Creation has declared us righteous in His eyes and asks us to hold out His candle of hope to those in darkness all around us. Wherever He places us, we are His Light. Life high your candle, Brother, and bless you!


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