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I feel stalled in the update department.  Any of you who have tried keeping a weblog probably know what I’m talking about.  Even thought there’s tons happening in my heart, I just can’t quite make it sound interesting and coherent enough to post.

The Budapest DTS, (pictured below), was a small school filled with warm, passionate people.  The joy of the week was living together in one house with a sweet community with seventeen believers from five different countries.

This week I’m in Colorado Springs with another whole group of students in the School of Strategic Missions. This class is filled with bright  students who leave me wondering if I’m actually smart enough to teach them anything.

One of God’s best gifts to me has always been the honor of working with young people.  They constantly force me reexamine my ideas, rethink the way I live, and to jump up and down on my brains when necessary.  Countless times the Holy Spirit has used young people to help me see His Kingdom with clearer vision.  And this week He’s doing it again.

One thought on “Newsy stuff”

  1. Don- So you’re back in the States !! Great to hear how very’global’ the fellowship was that you had in Budapest !!It still makes my heart sing to be a part of what God is using you to do w/my daily prayers. Hope you can get to a piano in Colorado Springs to worship God w/your hands on the keys. Don’t neglect that ’cause then you can bless God and others and ways beyond out comprehension !!-Love-hugs-smiles-Janet


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