Bosnia or bust

In the disarray of my present circumstances, (which is to put it mildly), I’ve neglected to mention that I’ll be returning to Sarajevo this Thursday, April 24th.  A good portion of the Summer will be taken up by traveling and teaching in Romania, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Hungary, and Bulgaria.  And the in-between time will be spent in Sarajevo following up on ministry and relationships in the city and trying to hear a clear word from God about whether or not I should re-establish myself long-term in Bosnia.

Thanks to all of you who pray for me.  The next month looks especially exhausting with all the travel, and especially now that I have no place of my own in Sarajevo.  Please pray for the students to discover their “Kingdom eyes”, and for me to have the stamina I need as I travel.

3 thoughts on “Bosnia or bust”

  1. Let Jesus lead you in all your decisions. I’m praying God to give you enough hope, courage and wisdom for right choice. You are blessed by a great gift from God. We need you here in Bosnia, but your friends in America need you there too.
    Whatewer you decide, be sure that you’ll be in my prayers.

    Greetings from Sarajevo


  2. Like Mack in THE SHACK (Ch. 11), you may seem to be stepping through the face of the rock into the unknown and darkness. You may sometimes desperately want to back out into the safety of the light, but Jesus does not send us out without a good purpose. Press in farther, and His radiance will encircle, enfold, and enlighten you as let Him lead.


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