Feeling nervous

I’m all in a panic this morning.  Tonight Trinity will be having a book discussion of “The Shack”, (by William Young), and it looks like I’ll be doing a fair amount of the facilitating. So naturally I’m doing my homework and trying to bone-up the book’s messages and themes.  GOODNESS, there’s so much criticism out there!  So just to zero out the baggage for myself and my friends who find themselves here: I believe in the Christ of the Bible, of Isaiah, of the gospels, the epistles, the Nicean, and the Apostle’s Creed, and I believe there is salvation in no other name.  I also believe God’s word, (the Bible), is inspired and contains the revelation of God’s heart and his plan for the human race.

My conviction is that apart from the Bible, there is probably no other book on the face of the planet that is 100% pure truth.  Therefore we need to always read prayerfully and discerningly, spitting out the bones and swallowing the meat.  Growing in Truth is an incremental process, and these people on the Internet who pride themselves with having a ministry of sorting out heresy make me very nervous.  I, for one, am grateful that the love of Christ, (along with His blood), covers me while I work through all the foolish and wrongheaded things I believe.   I also like to extend to others the benefit of a doubt.  Unless a person is preaching some obviously twisted version of Christ, I think he deserves the courtesy of not being labeled a heretic.

The Shack is NOT a perfect book.  Yet I believe it contains some stunning insight into humanity, God’s love for the human race, and the Trinity itself/Himself.  (Don’t know which is proper since the Godhead doesn’t fit into the laws of grammar).

I’ll restate what I told my class on Wednesday night:  YOU are responsible to take anything I teach, write or say, (along with every book I recommend), and to hold it up to the light of Scripture and the scrutiny of the Holy Spirit.  The very last thing I ever want to do is to lead someone away from the TRUTH. 

Whew!  THANKS for letting me get that off my chest.  Now… back to The Shack.   

2 thoughts on “Feeling nervous”

  1. Well said, Don! Personally, “The Shack” touched my heart immensely (I’m glad I didn’t read it in a public place). This book helped give me a whole new perspective into the Father’s love. If anything, it has fostered a new yearning to read the Word with fresh eyes. I understand that this book is exactly what it is…a story. When Jesus shared the story about the “Good Samaritan”, I have to wonder if those standing around asked him, “Did this story really happen?…What was his name?…Why did he travel alone, nobody does that?”. I can just picture Jesus, with a sigh saying, “Peter, you missed the point here buddy.” To the point, let’s not miss the point of the story.


  2. Thanks Joel! I can always count on a healthy perspective from you. We actually had one of the most memorable evenings in many years (for me) at Trinity. Forty-some people from near-eighty to teenagers sharing from their heart the truths that stirred them. It was a genuine family circle of faith. Wish you could have been with us.


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