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Been thinking about these global-warming-catastophic-weather-change-disasters, and wondering if we’re not approaching it from exactly the wrong direction. Obviously God has commissioned us to care for the earth, and abusing it will inevitably invite disaster. But in generations past these sorts of things would lead us to examine ourselves and ask God, “Why?”

Today’s media, and most of our global warming gurus have removed God from the picture entirely. And I’m afraid many of us in the Christian community are likely to fall into one of two errors: Either we become discipled by media and pass over the fact that our tender, yet almighty Father is intimately involved in His universe. Or we take the religious bail-out and presume that global warming is just another inevitable sign of the times: why should we care about these things when Jesus will surely be returning in the next couple of years, anyway?

Hopefully we’ll find a better, more Biblical approach.

Clay, Graham, and I launched a guys discipleship group this week. Five Bosnian believers, three of us Americans, and Terry (a dear Brit friend), in attendance. And it was a great kick-off. Lots of good discussion, prayer, and Spirit-life running through the group. I’m very hopeful, and ever encouraged with the growth I see in Alen, Alen, (remember there are two of them), Ahmed, George, and Kenan.

It’s probably not too soon to mention that I’ll be leaving Sarajevo the beginning of October, and possibly not returning. I’m still committed to missions and making disciples of the nations, but I’ll be spending six months in the States on a furlough of sorts while I ask the Lord to talk to me about the next step. It won’t be easy to leave so many dear friends, nor to give up the small apartment that’s become home for me. So your prayers will be appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts”

  1. Hi Don,

    Love tracking with your journey and will be praying for your next step. Please send me your email address again so we can stay in touch. Christie and I are in the process of relocating to Boise, ID. ~Sean

    P.S. If you visit my new blog, I apologize for the unoriginal theme!


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