Jet Lagging

After forty three hours of travel across twelve time zones, I arrived back in Sarajevo on Wednesday night. My body is still in rebellion against the complete reversal night and day, fidgeting into the wee hours of the morning, and bolting awake to the sun high in the sky.

Soon as my mind catches up, (I keep saying “in a day or so”), I’ll try to write something inspiring.

This is the front entrance of the University of the Nations in Kona,
where I spent the past month.

3 thoughts on “Jet Lagging”

  1. Hey Don, It’s Nate, Bill & Lori’s son, you might not remember me, I was 12 years old back in 1994 during the CDTS in Kona. I’m in Kona now teaching in the ESL school. I heard you would be in town, but wasn’t able to meet you. I met Jane, she said she saw you. well God bless you. Just wanted to say hello.


  2. Hey Nate! Thanks for the drop-in. Wow! It’s been thirteen years since I’ve seen you as a kid, and now you’re on staff in Kona! I’m so sorry I missed you. It would have been a blast hearing your story. Maybe next time.


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