A Dose of Holy Spirit Encouragement

I’m having a blast here is Kratovo, Macedonia. We’ve got a class that includes (among others) four ex-addicts who “love much because they’ve been forgiven much.” Listening to the stories of how Jesus apprehended them for the Kingdom has been a delight to my heart. But I find their passion to grow in grace and to become history-makers is just as thrilling.

I’d had a few days last week of wrestling with the worth of all this traveling around and teaching about the Kingdom. But here in this little Macedonian village the Holy Spirit has given me a full-strength dose of encouragement. One local pastor pulled me aside yesterday to tell me how last year’s Kingdom teaching has been impacted his ministry in the local church. And to add the icing to an already sweet time, yesterday four of the students from last month’s school in Constanza Romania showed up here in Kratovo to sit in on class.


(Above is a few of the students and friends). Thanks to all of you who are praying. God is faithful. I’ll do my best to keep the simple updates coming.

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