In Pursuit of the Future

“Neither a wise man, nor a brave man lies down on the tracks of history and waits for the train of the future to run over him.” – Dwight Eisenhower

Last night I bravely attended the D-O-C, an “emerging generation” Bible study of Attention Deficit teens and early “twenty-somethings” jumping from hyperlink to hyperlink with breakneck speed, stunning creativity, and dizzy musings. Trying to keep pace with the discussion felt like I had a bowling ally in my brain.

We boomers sometimes find it difficult to balance tippy-toe on the edge of forward time. Comfort and safety don’t live in the future any more than childhood memories and Leave it to Beaver. But faith by nature looks at the future and walks boldly into tomorrow. This is why I choose to learn from the Gen-X-Y-Zers.

OK, they might have issues with orthodoxy and the accumulated wisdom of human history, but they do have something to say to us:

Honor creativity. Ask questions. Don’t close the book. And don’t accept it because someone said it was so. Move beyond opinions and sterile doctrine. Participate. Value art and subtlety. While we boomers get stuck with conspicuous images of our Sunday-School Jesus, the young are telling us He might also look like Superman, a circus king, or a “wrecking ball with a heart of gold.”

I’m keenly aware that the young are able to blow the dust off my faith and oil the gears of my convictions like few others. And they remind me that the ancient ways kingdom never stop pioneering fearlessly into the future. “Watch for the new thing I am going to do. It is happening already—you can see it now!” – Is. 43:19

It’s to my young friends credit that I’m being wrenched away from my “old school” home page into the great frontier of the blogosphere. Young minds need stimulation and this site will offer hyperlinks and interactive opportunities to participate in the action . So whether you’re a young upstart, or a middle-aged boomer, please feel welcome to join the conversation with your thoughts, comments and prayers.


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