Why I am a Christian

Eight years ago I wrote a piece entitled “Why I Am A Christian” that drew a lot response at the time. Now eight years further along the journey, I’ve revised it for those who may have missed it first time through I am a Christian because the Biblical story offers the most complete and workable answers to life’s most enduring questions: “Where did we come from?” “Why are we here?” “What’s wrong with the world, and how can it be fixed?” “Why do I love beauty?” “Why do I have a passion for justice?” While the Darwinists, Marxists, and Postmodern intellectuals wrestle to make sense of the world, the Biblical record quietly assembles the pieces into a story line that offers a full accounting of life and existence. No other worldview even comes close.

I’m a believer because Biblical Christianity produces good and enduring fruit. I’m not talking about religion and institutionalized church history, but Kingdom Christianity as practiced by the early church and small groups of faithful believers over the centuries. No other worldview has built so many hospitals, fed so many poor, emancipated so many slaves, and established so many organizations to serve, educate, heal, and bless the human race as the true followers of Christ who recognize that “inasmuch as you did it to the least of these, my brothers, you did it unto me.”

I am a Christian because creation itself demonstrates a wondrous order that points to a loving Creator. Not only is the hand of God evident in the miraculous intricacies of animal instincts, hearing and sight, reproduction, the seasons, the water cycle, and the natural laws of nature, but man and animal alike exhibit a capacity for love and relationship that could never arise out of an impersonal time-chance worldview. I’m not bothered with so-called scientific theories that claim “dead matter plus time and chance when thrown together will produce life, order, personality and purpose.” I’m afraid I don’t have enough faith to believe something so preposterous.

I am a follower of Jesus because the Biblical worldview offers the best and most enduring foundation for a civilized society. It’s no accident that almost without exception the most stable, democratic, prosperous, and technologically advanced nations of the world all find their historic roots springing from the soil of a Biblical worldview.

And finally I am a follower of Christ because of the deeply personal way He meets me in everyday life; because he steps into human despair and separation with a love and quiet presence that brings assurance that I am no longer alone.

As the years of my human existence pile up, the certainty of my soul deepens into the experience of C.S. Lewis, who so aptly expressed, “I believe in Christianity as I believe that the sun has risen; Not only because I see it, but because by it I see all things.”

4 thoughts on “Why I am a Christian”

  1. Yeah, Man. Right on. Nail on the head. You’re a sharp guy, Don.

    Love you bro,

    (I’m glad you didn’t say you’re a Christian because Jesus give you joy makes you feel happy.)


  2. It is very interesting question. All of us ( Christians ) would ask ourselves: Why I am a Christian and why someone without ( or with different ) religious view is not a Christian ? With that question there is always another one: what makes difference between us and them. When I say difference I mean real practical life, not a theory ?


  3. Lovely to read these thoughts. The most joyous and frustrating thing in the same time it’s the fact that Christianity is so basically simple. I mean, apologists all over the world look for nicely packed arguments that would elevate Christianity among [other] religions. When Christian philosophy & theology fails, the pragmatic side somewhat wins: Christianity works!!! I see it in kid’s eyes. You know, when you ask a kid `why do you love your dad` she would probably never say `cause he’s dad` or `cause among other men, in him there is no REAL paradox` or something else related to dad`s ontology. She would probably say `cause he buys me toys` or `cause I like the way he carries me`. She loves him because she sees the results of being his… kid. I am Christian because Christianity, for better of worse shows me the One I love and the one that holds it all together. Thanks Don for being who you are.


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