Back in Sarajevo

Just a short note to let my friends know I’m back in Sarajevo again until May 7th.  I’ve joined our outreach team from the Kona DTS, and am doing my best to balance reunions with old friends while participating in team activities.

This amazing city is always a painful reminder of what bad religion does to us, drawing circles and pitting insiders against outsiders.  And then it bathes itself in rules and rituals that nurture superiority, in the end killing not only the heart, but sometimes even innocent neighbors along the way.

My mission is to point people to the true Jesus who erased the circles and welcomed the masses of sinners, tax collectors, adulterers, prostitutes, drunkards, and Samaritans.   A few are receiving the news with gladness.  Others continue to defend their own particular circle with a pride that says “Thank God I’m not like those people over there.  I fast twice a week, pray every day, and give tithes of all I have.”

Beautiful Sarajevo reminds me of how much I detest the lies and deception that bind us with stocks and chains: lies about God, about others, about ourselves, and even lies to defend lies.   Lies always kill.  That’s just the way it works: they have not within themselves the nourishment to sustain life.

The truth is, I am exactly like the people I passed today on the street, hopelessly confused and living out of a trembling heart of fear – until I embrace the Truth who invaded human darkness and fought His way through to the other side.

4 thoughts on “Back in Sarajevo”

  1. Glad you are back and safe and sound. Tonight when I led worship…substituting only, not my true calling…the Holy Spirit fell on our people with an altar call, healing,looks like we are heading into revival here…by the way, had to tell you about one of the comentaries here is really beating up “The Shack.” There is a religious spirit that I think you have been touching on that is trying to discredit the authors point of God’s tenderness to make it as though the author was being literal, treating the book as fact instead of fiction…I’m thinking of writing an article …the writer is a PHD in too much information..nothing against education but he is missing the point. I found the book amazing, and challenging, wish I had read it sooner..I should send you the artical, maybe you could wirte it better…blessings to all!!


  2. Don,As always you feed my soul and continue to draw me closer to God !! It is interesting that the two who make my most direct connection are both musicians, pianists. The other is Awadagin Pratt a world renowned classical pianist whose career and music have fed me since 2003. Just heard him in Houston the day after my 80th b’day play Bach as I’ve never heard him play before. And the whole audience was on its feet !! When I listen to him play Bach I hear the very voice of God. The Shack helped me sort out some things in my life- and I find that true for many kinds of fiction, butI’m afraid my own dear Paul might have missed the point had he still been living when it came out. My kids used to mix up the two words- seminary and cemetary- and its all semantics, but I wonder sometimes if education does tend to calcify some of our understanding of the creative way to hear God. Wish you could get a chancwe tohear Pratt some time. He is in his early 40 s now and I can hardly wait to hear him again because he just is getting so much better eaxch time I hear him I’ll send an e-mail soon about an interesting YWAM connection I’ve made in Houston. It is truly a small world now. God bless and keep you and all who comment on the blog. For me it is similar to chamber music- just w/words instead of music. Such fun!! God bless you for how you help us think things thru and do our best to keep our focus. I pray for you every day! Much love,Janet


  3. Don – i want to see you!! My number is 061 515 887. Please tell me how can i get in touch with you?!



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